Hidoks Asansör
We are working to bring our quality to the highest, our comfort to you.
We are the indicator of working with devotion ...

Every job we do; We make it with our perfectionist approach to the finest detail, as if we are products that we will always use, especially in production. Because there are only two things we want to catch. These; It is the rightful pride of doing its job well and satisfying our customers, everything we do and do to reach them is only possible with devotion.

It is also important to finish the production as fast as the accuracy and quality of the production, because the loss of time and the grievances caused by the loss of time make the customers unhappy. For this reason, Hidoks prepares your product precisely on the date it agrees with you while producing.

Hidoks brings the production to a perfect level by combining years of experience with the possibilities of current technology. Thus, Hidoks constantly perfects its workmanship and technological infrastructure with its experience and technology investments.

Hidoks Elevator, with its constantly expanding staff with all kinds of training, experience and technological equipment, realizes its production, more precisely one hundred percent domestic and national production, completely at world standards. Hidoks manufactures with the principle of maximum customer satisfaction; It does not compromise its quality in Manufacturing, Assembly, Maintenance, Project issues in any way because everything starts with production and we do the production with full attention and flawlessness. In addition to the periodical maintenance services after sales and delivery, it continues to strengthen customer satisfaction with its Guarantee Guarantee, that is, long-term guarantees given by relying on its production. Based on quality, research, experience and technology, Hidoks Asansör is taking firm steps forward to the future.

  • Quality Production for Continuously Developing Technology
  • Fast and Accurate Production
  • Expert and Experienced Staff in the Field
  • Customer Oriented Design and Development