We Produce Elevator Cabs With Innovative Designs

Gaining the satisfaction of our customers with the most trendy cabin designs of 2020 is our biggest gain as the HIDOKS family.

 We Produce <b>Elevator Cabs</b> With Innovative Designs
We Produce Automatic Doors with Current Technologies

For you to live comfortably

 We Produce <b>Automatic Doors</b> with Current Technologies
We Are Bringing Our Quality To The Top

With Our Current Technologies And Experience

We Are Bringing Our <b>Quality</b> To The Top
Production Detailed Information
With our technological infrastructure; We work with fast, high quality and reliable production principles. As HIDOKS ELEVATOR team; We continue our investments without slowing down in order to improve the speed, quality, reliability and technological infrastructure of production. We adopt more modern products and quality service by thinking innovatively instead of constantly producin
Assembly Detailed Information
We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our world-class assembly team Our professional assembly team offers the assembly and service of all kinds of elevators. Our company, which provides products and services within the framework of global standards with hundred percent customer satisfaction in the elevator sector, has achieved an effective structuring by employing e
Modernization Detailed Information
With the most suitable technologies for you Efficiently high Over time, parts of elevators wear out and cause malfunctions. Worn out and dangerous elevators can create dangerous situations both in terms of appearance and safety. A modernization not only brings you aesthetic innovation, it also provides new safety standards, less waiting time, cruising comfort, low failure rate and en
Technical service
Technical service Detailed Information
With our wide service network our technical teams are always with you Elevators, which need periodic maintenance in terms of human life and property safety, will provide you this opportunity in the best way with fast and quality maintenance service. We have a wide service network and stock of all kinds of spare parts.
Our current product range is here

<p>We as HIDOKS ELEVATOR team; we are constantly developing our products with our current technological infrastructure and expert staff. We are here with our current product range.</p>