Human Lifts
Human Lifts

In the design of the elevator, comfort-convenience, speed, decoration, usage and many details are taken into consideration. According to their carrying capacities; Capacities of 240 Kg, 320 Kg, 400 Kg, 630 Kg, 800 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1200 Kg, 1600 Kg.

In accordance with your request in the elevator and the elevator shaft; Fully Automatic Telescopic or Landing door options that are opened from the center (can be used in manual door when the width of the elevator shaft is not suitable),

Fully Automatic Telescopic or Centrally Opening cabin door options (can be used for folding doors in cases where the width of the elevator shaft is not suitable),

Hydraulic or VVVF Frequency Controlled Stepless Speed ​​options, Fully electronic microprocessor controlled Normal Controlled or Selective Addition, Simplex or Group Control options, Optional emergency bringing system to the floor,

The cabin is decorative; It has luxury phosphoric or patterned stainless steel coated wall options, which are the perfect harmony of stainless and original designed laminate.

It has linoleum, marble, ceramic granite or granite floor options.

Apart from all these, customized solutions designed for you; special stainless patterns, stained glass, glass paneled doors, panoramic cabins ...