MRL Lifts
MRL Lifts

Elevators without machine room create a suitable solution especially for passenger terminals, multi-storey stores, shopping malls and educational, cultural and health institutions.

Especially in higher passenger traffic and higher commercial buildings, there are significant advantages for designers, builders and building owners. The fact that the machine room is not required increases the building area and the energy efficiency of the system adds an additional value by reducing the operating cost.

Our machine roomless elevators have 2000 kg in buildings up to 24 floors. It can be installed up to capacity and a speed of 3.5 m / sec.

In addition to energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional motors, wear is extremely low due to the absence of a gearbox. The oil-free system completely eliminates environmental pollution and fire hazard.

While VVVF control provides an extremely quiet and comfortable cruise, low engine speed also maximizes the safety of the system.

Advantages of machine roomless systems;
   Savings in building volume with machine roomless design.
   Unmatched stance precision with superior control techniques.
   Easy integration into all types of buildings.
   Quiet and comfortable cruise with the superior performance of the lifting unit.
   Less starting current, less energy use.
   Fast and efficient assembly.