Hydraulic Lifts
Hydraulic Lifts

Lifting is a lift that is carried out by means of an electrically driven pump that delivers hydraulic fluid to a lift that directly or indirectly affects the cabin.

In these elevators, the downward movement occurs with the car's own weight. In hydraulic lifts, the machine room is generally located at the first stop level. There is an oil boiler and hydraulic machine on it, control panel and hoses through which hydraulic fluid passes.

Inside the elevator well; The cab has counter weight, cylinder piston system, hanger assembly and bumpers.

Hydraulic elevators operate on the basis that the pistons lift the cab by pushing the oil of the pump driven by the electricity. Pumped oil, by fulfilling certain conditions from the hydraulic machine, activates the cylinder through pipes. The cylinder may be directly or indirectly connected to the cabinet. The cab pushed by the cylinder is carried to the required floor with the controller taken.

Hydraulic elevators are usually; Houses, villas and houses, renovated buildings; in cases where no additional load is required to be placed on the building's statics (e.g. old artefacts refurbishment), they are used in factories and shopping centers in a panaromic. Elevators must undergo monthly necessary maintenance due to general contracts.