Horizontal Lifts
Horizontal Lifts

We offer solutions to our sector and you with horizontal elevators moving linear in the slopes and areas beyond reach of people, from 4 to 24 people and from 0.60 m/h to speeds of up to 1.60 m/s, moving linear in the sloped terrain.

Gear takes all turns and changing slopes through the power transport system. The automatic plane always keeps the system in a horizontal position. Not only does it move on a straight line, it reaches stations from the left and right, providing the ideal connection to parks, structures or public infrastructure. The horizontal elevator carries up to 12 passengers, cargo and shopping bags with its modern designed cabin. The rotation system is hidden under the cab to make an engine gear hub unnecessary.

Individual needs such as ventilation system or music system can be provided. If the horizontal elevator is not open terrain nor along the horizontal obstacles that intersect on the support columns, it will be the subject of every situation. The road foundation is supported on a concrete foundation every six meters, thus comprehensive construction work is reduced to the lowest level. The rail system consists of support and guide wheels, including dual gear wheels and electrical power supply. With a horizontal elevator, you can precisely cross the obstacles.

The motion system is placed at the bottom of the cab so that the motor pulley belly is not needed. An electric motor flips the gear wheel by transferring. The frequency converter allows smooth acceleration and slowing without the need for gear. The horizontal elevator moves quietly and reliably at speeds up to 1m/s and conquers slopes up to 45 degrees.