Panoramic elevators
Panoramic elevators

While they add value to buildings such as offices, hotels and shopping centers with their elegance and beauty, they also increase the visibility of the passengers and the surroundings.

Panoramic elevators, which can be installed with or without a machine room, provide a very good integration with the environment.

In addition to a fun cruise, comfort is also prioritized. It is made of unbreakable laminated glass and is designed not to harm passengers in any danger.

The fact that the cabin is framed with glass gives comfort to the user and people prefer panoramic elevators instead of a closed cabin.

It is a special solution that uniquely combines attractive designs, customer expectations and users' enjoyment of use. Drive arrangement can be made electric and hydraulic in accordance with the building architecture.

Our panoramic elevators have various capacities from 4 to 21 people in accordance with the building architecture and features that can reach a speed of 0.63 m / sec to 2.5 m / sec.

Frequency-controlled speed control units are used in buildings with extreme attention to high speed and comfort. Frequency controlled systems provide 45% electricity savings as well as comfort and sensitivity.