Vehicle Lifts
Vehicle Lifts

The increasing number of cars in today's conditions has revealed the need for parking and has become a serious problem.

Vehicle elevators, which are indispensable for parking lots, are installed by Hidoks Elevator with Electric or Hydraulic drive. Since sufficient space was not allocated for parking in the buildings constructed, the upper and basement floors of the buildings started to be used for parking purposes.

Our car elevators, which can be between 3000 Kg and 10000 Kg, allow the top of your building and the basement floors to be used as a parking lot, and recycle the space losses such as roads and ramps as usage areas for the building.

Thanks to the cabin button located where the driver can reach when the vehicle enters the cabin, the driver can press the button without leaving the vehicle. In two-stop systems, the elevator automatically transports the vehicle to the parking lot or exit floor without pressing any button.